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 Gammon, Space Tinker

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PostSubject: Gammon, Space Tinker   Gammon, Space Tinker EmptyWed Jul 02, 2014 1:42 am

Race: Kriosian
Gender: A man's man. But also a ladies' man.
Age: 35
Birthplace: Krios Prime
Sexual Orientation: He is a compass with no magnetic North.

History: Being born to the lower classes of Kriosian culture meant a certain amount of hardship for most, but Gammon was born a male metamorph. He was quickly identified and brought up with others of his kind, educated well in all things, including charm and sex. Though not uncommon, male metamorphs were still highly sought after companions. There is no record of what led to Gammon's escape from Krios, though it's clear he spent time in the rebellion against the Klingon Empire. When he next was recorded, it was gambling among the Ferengi and, then, after only a year, he purchased his own ship which he registered as the Finiis'ral. From there, database records show trouble wherever he went: arrests and releases, daring escapes, warrants in certain systems, occasional citations for theft, adultery, lewd behavior, public drunkenness, and various other forms of debauchery. But among those who did business with him, he was known for his formidable negotiating abilities, his quality merchandise, and his uncanny ability to acquire just about anything one's heart(s) could desire. For a price.

And then just after the Dominion War, with rumors of some trouble with the Ferengis, he disappeared.

Personality: Gammon is cocky, not always too bright, lecherous, rowdy, and laughs easily. He has his share of friends, more than his share of enemies, and a string of lovers of all kinds left in various states of heartbreak throughout the galaxy.

Skills / Disadvantages: Acquiring difficult or rare items. Selling them for a profit. Sex. ...That's about it.

What Brings Them To DS15?: If rumors about his run-in with the Ferengi five years ago are true, DS15 might be the safest place for him.

Possessions:  A whole ship full of Gamma Quadrant merchandise, a store full of hard-to-replicate items from all over the galaxy, and some more interesting items available for those in the know.
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Gammon, Space Tinker
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