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 Welcome to DS15!

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Welcome to DS15! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to DS15!   Welcome to DS15! EmptyWed Apr 02, 2014 11:49 pm

I'd like to welcome all players to our beautiful station. Cardassian designed and located deep in the Alpha Quadrant, our rp is set five years after the Dominion War, in 2380. DS15, like so many outposts formerly belonging to Cardassia, fell under Starfleet control after the Federation's victory.
DS15 is a thriving, diverse hub of activity, and is now watching Bajor rise to a major economic power in both the Alpha and Gamma quadrants.
Commanding the station is Starfleet Commander Darren Rai, a boisterous, overbearing Betazoid. Check out the character introductions forum to read about him. We have lots of space for both officers and civilians. Don't feel limited to just one character. As your narrator, I'm always open to suggestions, requests, and ideas. I'm looking forward to taking everyone on a fantastic adventure!
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Welcome to DS15!
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