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 T'Pren Inabnet's Quarters

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T'Pren Inabnet

T'Pren Inabnet

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PostSubject: T'Pren Inabnet's Quarters   T'Pren Inabnet's Quarters EmptyThu May 08, 2014 4:08 pm

When the door slid closed behind her, T'Pren found herself surrounded again by an oppressively familiar Cardassian living area. Against one wall sat her suitcase and Adlai's guitar, the sight of which was almost too much for the overtired half-human to take. After standing perfect still (except for that shaking) for some time in an anguished limbo, staring at what was now her home, she finally decided that the best thing she could do was keep herself busy.

The first thing to do was to search through her bag for her collection of hyposprays. When she found them, she pulled one out and pressed it to her own neck. With no little sense of relief, the tremors are quieted. And since she already had her bag open, she spent the half an hour or so carefully folding and putting away her things. But she only owned so much and even taking her time, it was eventually done.

So even though she was dismissed for the night, the lieutenant sat down at her desk and spent the next few hours writing a report so thorough and emotionless any Vulcan would be proud. It detailed every single thing of any kind of use or import that happened from the moment the red alert occurred until her dismissal, including everything said and seen in the rift. The only thing she left out was her own emotional state and any reference to her tears. After triple checking it, she reluctantly sent it off to Rai.

Unfortunately this meant there was nothing really left to occupy herself with. All she could do now was attend to herself. So it was with great trepidation that she slowly stripped out of her uniform, setting it aside to be cleaned, and padded exhausted and naked into the bathroom. She stood staring at herself in the mirror until it was completely covered up with steam...and only then did she step under the scalding hot water pouring from the showerhead. She stood until she had thoroughly scrubbed herself clean and then slid down to sit heavily on the floor, her back to the corner, staring ahead at nothing. This is how she spent the rest of her night.
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T'Pren Inabnet's Quarters
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