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 Lorelei Furanda

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Name: Lorelei Furanda
Race: Risian
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Birthplace: Risa, Suraya Bay
Occupation: Massage therapist, hostesses and performer at the Risian Bath House. Basically, a courtesan. Currently also looking to work as a lounge singer in the newly renovated Ceti Eel.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual. Lorelei has a varied and voracious sexual appetite, and thinks there is something to love and find attractive in everybody. Very experienced, but always open to new things.

Appearance: Lorelei is on the taller side of average at 5' 7", fair-skinned and voluptuous, with large green eyes, a sensitive mouth, and full red hair. Lorelei's appearance is both a point of pride and a source of income for her, and she takes care of herself accordingly. She finds pleasure and comfort in her beauty rituals, and always looks, for lack of a better word, expensive. In public, she wears elegant and tastefully suggestive clothing, while at the bathhouse she opts for the more revealing fashions popular on Risa. (I will get an avatar with the Risian forehead mark, this one's just a placeholder.)

History: Lorelei was born into a resort-owning family and from a young age served in the thriving tourism industry on Risa. As she got older, she realized that pleasure was her one and only calling, and cultivated her talents, skills and appearance accordingly. Once she was old enough, she served several apprenticeships in different bath houses and resorts on Risa to gather as much experience as she could. Though she loves her home planet, she was interested in traveling, and, with high recommendations, bounced around several different employments before finally coming to work on DS15. She does not plan to remain there permanently, but for now it's fun and rewarding, and so suits her well. Prior to coming to DS15, she met Akhil when he was leave and visited an establishment she worked at. They had a short-lived but passionate affair. Both emerged from it unscathed, and with a deep, comfortable friendship and a lot of mutual respect. She is one of the few people who can get away with teasing him.

Personality: Lorelei is first and foremost charming. In her line of work, she has to be, but it comes to her naturally. She is genuinely outgoing and loves people, and is a very diplomatic person. One of the things both her clients and friends can agree on is that when you are with her, she has the ability to make you feel like you are the only person that matters to her in that moment. Lorelei is also naturally curious, and was smart enough to invest in her own education - which makes her an interesting interlocutor and an excellent hostess for the larger parties at the bath house.

Lorelei also feels very strongly about the rights and importance of sex workers, and will stand for no bullshit when the safety and well-being of her and people like her is concerned. Thus, contrary to expectation, she is friendly rather than competitive with Val and will frequently spot him a free milk bath when times are lean. She can't understand why he insists on working the streets, as it were.

Though she appears sweet and demure, Lorelei is very independent, strong-willed and enterprising, and won't let herself be pushed about. She is firm, just very polite about it.

Skills: Lorelei's skills are many and varied, though officially, she is an expert massage therapist and a talented escort. She is also a trained singer with a pleasant, smoky voice (think Julie London). This talent occasionally comes in handy when there are large parties of clients at the bath house who need entertainment, but those gigs are few and far between. So Lorelei is very excited about the renovation and new management of the Ceti Eel - she hopes to bring live entertainment to the venue.

Disadvantages: Lorelei sometimes has difficulties maintaining professional boundaries. She loves her work, and invests a lot of emotions in her clients - especially when it comes to something so intimate as engaging in jamaharon. Those feelings can spill over into her relationships with them outside of the bath house and become messy. Though she endeavors to maintain an aloof demeanor on the outside when it happens, it takes an emotional toll on her.

She likes her creature comforts, and can get grumpy when her needs are not met. She has a weakness for luxury, and can come off as spoiled and cosseted. In fact, she is just a hard-working and determined woman who knows what she is worth and is not afraid to demand it.

What Brings Her To DS15?: Wanderlust and gainful employment.

Possessions: Lorelei makes full use of the comfort and stability that being a resident in the bathhouse provides. Her quarters are plush and comfortable, tastefully decorated, and always have fresh flowers - they remind her of the lushness of Risa. Her possessions are made up just as much of presents from clients as things she bought for herself. If someone gives her a present that is not to her taste, she has no qualms about either giving it away or selling it and buying something she does like with the profit.
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Lorelei Furanda
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