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 Val Etilen

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Val Etilen

Val Etilen

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Val Etilen
Early 20s.
Sex Worker

Etilen was born to a modestly successful man of the Bajoran merchant class, Val Basso, and his second wife Temara, during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor.  
Val Basso had 4 respectable children with his first wife, Dahn.  In midlife, he began saving his wealth with the hopes of buying exclusivity to a highly sought after dancer-turned-comfort woman, Temara.  Much to the distaste of his children, he put through this purchase even as Dahn was still on her deathbed.  Temara conceived Etilen shortly after joining the Val household.  When the much older Val Basso died naturally, his four elder children successfully inherited all that he had, and pushed his young wife and Etilen out of the family, barely allowing him to keep the name he was given.
Temara's only asset being her reputation, she raised Etilen in her trades, and from a young age he worked as a comfort boy, mainly to Cardassian officers.  

Etilen enjoys his work. Ultimately he is good at it, and it makes him feel accomplished and valuable. Some clients prefer a courtesan, some want a quick and dirty release, and he makes the effort to provide what is needed to any creed.
He is very quick to think of his own self-preservation above other things, having been trained by his mother in an unstable world filled with oppressors and terrorists. This behavior borders on cowardly. He enjoys spa treatments and meditation, and is casually religious.
He has an uncontrollable urge to seek variety and changing environments, and since there was no love among Bajorans for one who has served the occupiers, he sought a life off-planet.   He has recently come to the Deep Space 15 to seek new experiences and have a wider client pool while sending regular funds back to his retired mother.
He has one or two regulars already, but not yet enough to pay for his room on board.

Erotic arts, Bajoran fiddle, light first-aid, meditation, massage, charm.  

Dyslexia, poor sense of taste and smell.

Tools of his trade, 1 adult tabby cat named Papus.

(I'll attach a character sheet after I've finished it!)
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Val Etilen
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