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 Commander Darren Rai

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Capt Darren Rai

Capt Darren Rai

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Commander Darren Rai is a 37 year old Betazoid male and Starfleet officer. Rai originally enlisted in Starfleet to join the Federation’s Diplomatic Corps. When the Dominion occupied Bajor, his valuable skills with empathy feedback ultimately helped Rai lead a successful counter attack. Rai’s military success catapulted him through the ranks in Starfleet, but left him psychically scarred by the damage and destruction

Though permanently shaken, Rai finds immense clarity in times of crises. His father was killed during the Dominion occupation. He is vaguely spiritual as most Betazoid people are, he worships the four deities, participates in festivals. His family has a small home near the Opal Sea on Betazed. His mother and sister are still alive and well, his little sister Lora is a student at the University of Betazed. He speaks to his family often.

Betazoids have a liberated and unfettered view of sexuality and Rai is no exception. He prefers male lovers and takes them often. He also lets certain amounts of independent prostitution slide on the station, despite the Federation’s discomfort with it. He draws the line at netboys and netgirls. He has also permitted a Risan-run bathhouse to flourish on his station.
Rai enjoys fine liquor, particularly Saurian brandy, fantasy themed holonovels, and hiking through the rainforests of Betazed.
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Commander Darren Rai
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