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 Groundskeeper Da-an

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PostSubject: Groundskeeper Da-an   Groundskeeper Da-an EmptyThu May 15, 2014 10:01 pm

Name: Da-an
Race: Phylosian
Gender: Androgynous, prefers they/them pronouns.
Age: 35
Birthplace: Phylos
Occupation: Groundskeeper, Station Gardener
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual.
Appearance: They are extremely tall, green, and leafy. Their body is covered in soft, silver-green lanate fuzz. When frightened, or distressed they release bright yellow pollen which can cause allergic reactions in most humanoids.

History: Being a member of a declining race, Da-an had a lot riding on his shoulders as a sprout. Da-an studied hard and got a degree in botanical science, and worked in many greenhouses on earth, as well as Phylos in the interest of cultural preservation.

Personality: They are polite, shy, apologetic to a fault. They are slightly agoraphobic, but they still get lonely.

Skills: Da-an is an expert botanist. They also like Classical music, Klingon opera, and swimming.

Disadvantages: Da-an possesses a poor immune system, a flaw which wiped out most of his species. The Federation has tried in vain to help the Phylosians, but only 5 percent of the original population remains.

What Brings them To DS15?: Employed by the Federation through the Endangered Empowerment Project, or EEP, Da-an was sent to the station to use his superior botanical skills to beautify and improve the Pleasure Gardens on DS15, thereby keeping morale high and making DS15 a Deep Space destination for travelers.

Possessions: They have a rare collection of gamma quadrant seed pods which they plan to eventually grow when they find a place they can settle.
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Groundskeeper Da-an
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