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 Day Drinking

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Lyfalten zh'Undaag

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Day Drinking Empty
PostSubject: Day Drinking   Day Drinking EmptySun May 18, 2014 10:31 pm

Where else was there to go but back to the Eel, at this point? Her quarters were completely out of the fucking question, and she didn't particularly want to run into anyone while this agitated. The bath house would be nice, but she didn't need Lorelei being concerned at her, and the gardens would be perfectly soothing, but this was not how to introduce one's self to a new species. So the Eel it was.

The lights were on from when she had left earlier, and HJ remained floating over his panel. She left her empty mug on the bar and reached purposefully for the liquor.

"You've returned, Miss Lyfa -"

"Yes, I'm back, HJ."

"Our stock of Andorian Ale is currently at - "

"I know. I'm just here to..." What the fuck was she there for? "To think about design aspects I want to alter." What fucking bullshit. Not like the short-circuited little holo would know better.

"Let me know if you need anything, Miss -"

"Yep. Thanks."

She shuffled tiredly around to the patron's side of the bar, lifting herself into a chair and sliding forward over the bar. Resting her forehead on the black surface was cool, and a bit comforting. She closed her eyes, toeing off her shoes and curling her feet over a crossbar on her chair. She tilted the bottle in her hand idly, running her thumb over the label lightly as she simply tried to breathe it out.

It was violating, it was insulting, it was startling and terrifying and infuriating all at once. There was nowhere left in the galaxy to go to get away from this fucking war, these fucking aliens. She couldn't fucking go anywhere, nowhere. Not one place for more than six months in over ten fucking years.

She lifted her head and twisted off the top of the bottle in her hands, inhaling the sweet, earthen scent. A human whiskey, golden and smokey and smooth. Humans spoke fondly of a place called Scotland when it came to their alcohol, and she had yet to be disappointed. This was no exception.

Fuck today. That's all. Fuck this day. She took a small sip, and the warmth spread beneath her ribcage. She smiled weakly. Yes. Fuck today. Bring it on.
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Day Drinking
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