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 Denisse Ardelia Hyland

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Denisse Ardelia Hyland
Gender: Assigned Female At Birth, personal gender identity unexplored
Age: 28 - born Wednesday, October 15, 2352
Birthplace: unknown (Assumed Earth or other Terran colonies/ships)
Appearance: White, short brown hair, a bit messy & tousled, brown eyes. Short in stature (5’3”), that kind of broadness/sturdiness/athletic body that comes with having some muscles. Soft butch.
Dress: Prefers to wear her dark green acolyte robes whenever practical, even though this is highly unusual for an acolyte. Has been occasionally seen in public wearing a white button that states in green letters "Ask me about the Way of the Prophets!" in Federation Standard and Bajoran languages with the Bajoran symbol.
Sexual Orientation: mostly women, but other genders too. Doesn't have a humanoid species preference.
Occupation: Acolyte, part of the Fellowship of Acolytes, studying to become a Mylar in the Bajoran religion/Way of the Prophets, and eventually become a Prylar.

Little is known about Denisse's adult past, other than that it was shady. She doesn’t talk about it much. It has been gathered that she failed studies (flunked out? expelled? no one knows) in early 20s. Folks are uncertain if it was flunked out of Starfleet Academy or other university/schooling. Lots of bumming around the galaxy, doing odd jobs of varying legality, rabble-rousing & carousing, getting into trouble. Word is she was part of an illegal boxing/fighting league, and she has the physique to back this up as well as a few scars, but it's still rumor.

As per early upbringing (childhood through teenage years), there is nothing whatsoever known about it. Absolutely does not talk about it. Will find some way to change the subject every time.

She, however, is happy to tell the story of how she started following the Way of the Prophets. It's kinda when she considers her life to begin... the few times she talks about her past before that, she refers to that time period as "a different life". She's also used to answering the question of why would a human join the Bajoran religion, and doesn't mind talking about it.

Obviously a spiritual person. Her beliefs are ardent and sincere. She is part of one of the more liberal sects, and her beliefs fuse science & spirituality, but prefers a few of the more orthodox practices (dress, rituals).

Wishes the clergy on the station would have more outreach and prostletizing programs. Will stick her neck out for what she believes is right if she thinks it's needed. Also wants the Bajoran spiritual community onboard to work with Starfleet more to provide more charity to those passing through the station who need it.

Is mostly outgoing and not afraid to use her presence in a professional/spiritual capacity, but tries to blend in more in her personal life.

Isn't overly outgoing in her personal life/tries to keep her head down, figuratively, but is perfectly happy to socialize if someone else initiates contact, esp. if she can talk about her spirituality or her history involving this. (This is different than her past, when she was more outgoing & gregarious. Whether the change is because of her trying to keep her past to herself or as a part of the personal changes that came with her becoming spiritual is unknown.) She's currently the kind of person who would go to a social place, not start a conversation with anyone, but happily chat if someone talked to her.

Found a taste for the cuisine of various worlds in her travels.

Still feels the “call of the wild”, wonders how she’ll ever reconcile that with her calling to become a Mylar. In her (few) off hours, still enjoys athletic pursuits. Still does strength training and keeps her physique. Gave up the boozing and gambling, though, but still occasionally struggles with those desires.

What Brings Her To DS15?:
As part of her studies to become a Mylar, she must study & work in the field. She has been assigned to DS15 to study under the clergy there and assist them with religious duties. She helps with services & rituals, helps teach religious education to children and adults. Also, being a space station, she has opportunities to share and invite others of all backgrounds and races to the Way of the Prophets, as well as perform acts of charity for those passing through who need assistance.

Her skills mix rogue & mystic skills, plus hand to hand combat. (These days, she prefers to use her mystic skills, but will use rogue skills to accomplish things in her mystic life.) (The combat is not known to other players yet, but is assumed because of the rumors re: the fighting league.) Also knows how to femme up and use femininity and sexuality to her advantage if a situation calls for it.

Quick to anger (although part of her religious training is working on this), inclination towards drunkenness & excessive gambling, esp. if in a bad mood. Occasionally crosses the line of appropriateness when it comes to prostletization. Old, not properly healed injuries from her life of being a troublemaker flare up occasionally and cause pain, stiffness, and diminished fighting capacity.

Few. Her simple, dark green acolyte robes. One casual outfit, one exercise outfit (same color green as her robes.) A few tools of her religious trade. And one little black dress & heels, from her life past.

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Welcome and thanks for joining! Very Happy
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Denisse Ardelia Hyland
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