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 Jila Sedal

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Jila Sedal
Gender: Assigned Female at Birth, personal gender identity - femme
Age: 36 - born Sunday, January 14, 2345
Birthplace: Cardassia Prime
Sexual Orientation: all genders, strictly Cardassian… until now
Appearance: Typical cold looking Cardassian… tall, skinny, sharp features, green eyes, black hair. Femme. Wears casual but stylish clothing, usually dresses with boots, tights, and interesting necklaces. Wears her hair up with some kind of decorated hair sticks that go with the necklaces. Has a scar/burn mark on her left hand and arm.

Jila grew up on a freighter/small science vessel with her parents. Both were scientists, but because they wanted greater freedom to study as they wished (plus they didn’t get along with the Cardassian administration… they had diverging political as well as scientific views, not to mention didn’t possess the characteristic xenophobia of the rest of their species), they had their own vessel. As resources were hard to come by that way, they also hauled cargo and did odd jobs. Both parents enjoyed cooking as a hobby (their love of both science & cooking was what brought them together), and taught her how to cook growing up. (Plus, energy for the replicators wasn’t always available, but edibles from various planets always were.) Because she traveled so much, she had resources to learn cuisine from many different cultures. As nice as moving around everywhere was for exposure to other cultures, she wanted something more stable.

Attended the Cardassian Culinary Academy as a young adult. Graduated with honors. Did the usual “work at other kitchens, work your way up, become manager, then open your own place” thing. Opened up a molecular gastronomy restaurant (from the science she also picked up as a child) on Cardassia that was becoming the new hot place to eat and she was a rising star in Cardassian society, but the restaurant got destroyed in the War.

Was jaded with Cardassian high society anyway, and although she enjoyed the stability of living in one place, had to admit she missed all the diversity and cultures of living in space. Thought a space station would be a good solution: stability, but lots of mixing, coming and going.

Intelligent. More down to earth & less cool/more friendly than most Cardassians, but is just as confident. Having been raised in the stars with a family that didn't fit in with the ideals of Cardassian society, has little of the xenophobia & loyalty to State typical of her race. (Very neutral on Cardassian gov't/political matters, unlike her parents who were negative toward the government.) Still has much of the family loyalty, and misses her parents. (Her extended family went missing in the War. She assumes them dead.)

Does not have the smug, arrogant attitude towards other races as a whole, but has it towards individuals she dislikes or feels to be inferior.

The one place the xenophobia does show up is in her sexual attractions. Up until this point she has been exclusively attracted to Cardassians.

Has a surprising bit of business acumen. Her parents used to joke that maybe she had some Ferengi blood in her.

Feels comfortable and confident in the kitchen. She's the most in her element there.

Enjoys the finer things in life but can appreciate rustic/more simple pleasures as well. Enjoys painting & running. Dabbled with various musical instruments in her childhood, but was never in one place long enough to learn one. Hopes to learn an instrument while on DS15.

What Brings Her To DS15?:
Is on DS15 looking to open a restaurant. Heard there were open storefronts on the promenade. Also heard there were no other restaurants on the promenade yet, thought it was a good opportunity, as she is a dab hand at many cultures’ cuisine, and, secretly, isn’t too crazy about her own.

Merchant (with an emphasis on restaurant management), Culinary, a few Science.

A little too quick to dismiss someone as stupid or beneath her. Tone deaf. Partially limited use of her left hand due to cooking accident.

Small ship containing: A few tools of her trade, her personal cooking set. (Needs to acquire more & restaurant grade products.) Full wardrobe of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and hair accessories for all situations. Painting set. A quite fair bit of currency.
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Welcome aboard! XD
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Jila Sedal
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