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 Acting Medical Officer Zima 8

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Zima 8

Zima 8

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PostSubject: Acting Medical Officer Zima 8   Acting Medical Officer Zima 8 EmptyTue Jun 03, 2014 5:17 pm

Race: Soong type android knockoff, modeled on Human.
Gender: Undecided.  Was not initially created with any primary or secondary sex characteristics.
Age:  built in 2368 - 12 years.
Birthplace: USS Tripoli
Sexual Orientation: Unspecified

History:  A junior medical officer aboard the USS Tripoli, Dr. Slavík was so fascinated by the works of Dr. Noonien Soong that she made it her life's mission to create an android which could not only be used to deliver medical care in dangerous conditions, but to do so with human compassion.  When the details of Soong's work were discovered, she made her own positronic brain prototype and housed it inside a body that could withstand severe conditions.  She did not intend for the body to pass for a living breathing being, only to render a comforting similarity which could be identified as medical help.
Zíma 8 was deployed (along with 3 other functioning models) by the Tripoli in battleground medical relief efforts.  8 was the only one to have survived 5 years of duty, and was rewarded with retirement after the experiment brought Dr. Slavík under ethical scrutiny.  
Zíma 8 enrolled in starfleet and was a natural in the medical field.

Personality: Zíma was programmed with a suitably comforting bedside manner but their personality developed according to their interactions at starfleet, which mostly included stern instruction, and mean-spirited jokes.  They do not own an emotion chip, but they have been programmed to simulate emotion, to varying degrees of success.  

Skills / Disadvantages:  Humanoid medical care, specialising in field trauma, weapon injuries, and surgery.  They have an extensive database of disease, but has little practical experience with it.  
Also skilled in several martial arts of Earth origin (mainly defensive), and weapons combat.
Zíma is still sorting out their social and moral compass outside of medical care. There are several humanoid emotion-based particulars they are not familiar with yet.

What Brings Them To DS15?:  They have recently graduated at the top of their class, and have been transferred to DS15 to cover for Dr. Ozan during her extended absences.  They are required to report to her regularly.

Possessions:  A holographic picture set of 2 close friends from starfleet, medical supplies, a charging station, and replacement material for their casing.
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Acting Medical Officer Zima 8 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Acting Medical Officer Zima 8   Acting Medical Officer Zima 8 EmptyWed Jun 04, 2014 12:48 pm

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Acting Medical Officer Zima 8
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